Man Drives His Mom And Dead Girlfriend From Arizona To Michigan.

Detroit Free Press: Man drove dead girlfriend to Michigan because ‘I cared too much for her’

The story about a 62-year old man driving his 93-year old mom and his dead 31-year old girlfriend from Arizona to Michigan is either extremely weird, incredibly thoughtful or somewhere in between.

From WDIV:

“A Detroit-area man driving back to Michigan from Arizona failed to report a woman with him had died and completed the trip with her corpse.

Ray Tomlinson’s 93-year-old mother also was in the van. The trio left the Phoenix area Sunday after the woman, who was Tomlinson’s girlfriend, checked out of a mental health facility. As they drove Monday through the southwest U.S., the 62-year-old Clinton Township man discovered the 31-year-old Roseville woman’s body was cold.

“I went like this, you know, nudged her, at this point in time she was stiff,” said Tomlinson. “There wasn’t jerking or moans or groans, or cries for help, she just fell asleep.” Police say she may have taken oxycodone.

Tomlinson never stopped and never called for help. Instead, he looked up on his phone what to do with a corpse. He learned he apparently had 48 hours to get her to a morgue. He said he was planning to take her to the Macomb County Morgue.”


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