Enzo Ferrari Owned By Michael Fux Crashed By Two NOW Fuxed Mechanics.

Ferrari mechanics crash Enzo Ferrari in Connecticut

Just when you think you’re having a bad day comes more info from the story of two Ferrari mechanics one-car crashing a rare Enzo Ferrari in Connecticut earlier this week.

From Jalopnik:

“Saying that John Michael Hoda witnessed the crash is a bit of a misnomer, as he was practically a participant. When the Enzo hit the Jersey barrier on Interstate-95 in Stamford, Connecticut, a carbon fiber spray tore across his Lexus, scratching up his hood. The Enzo, one of only 399 ever made, dragged ass-backwards along the barrier, leaving its traditional Rossa Corsa paint all across the concrete.

Hoda says he pulled over immediately, ran across the highway, and grabbed Miller Motorcars technicians Leonardo Garcia and Daniel Palchik out of the smoking hulk.

And, coincidentally enough, Hoda’s work with Davis Investigations gives him familiarity with this sort of thing. So he knows what he’s looking at.

“Oh shit, we’re fucked,” Garcia reportedly said as he pulled him out of the Ferrari, owned by bedding magnate Michael Fux.”


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