Archives for July 2014

Snake Out On This One – Chris Pratt Goes Full Method On Parks And Rec. [Video]

Men, whenever ‘snake out on this one’ is included in your sentence, the results are going to be black or white. No grey area with the ‘snake’ out.

Man Pushes Brussel Sprout Up A Mountain With His Nose – Crazy Or Charity? [Video]

Crazy or for charity? Stuart Ketell is pushing a brussel sprout up Mount Snowdon with his nose – normally crazy but it’s for charity so it’s a good thing.

Chinese Man Pushing Snakes Through His Nose And Out His Mouth. [Video]

And they call this guy a snake charmer. Sorry but shoving snakes into your nose and out of your mouth is not charming.

Video From That Drone That Didn’t Crash Into The Space Needle. [Video]

The Space Needle never looked better than in this drone captured video during a sunset in Seattle.

Dog Passes Out With Joy. [Video]

Watch a schnauzer yelp with joy until he passes out.

Toddler Leads Applause At Camp Rockmont. [Video]

Watch a 15-month old lead a group of 500 boys in a game of applause.

ClickBait Today – Making Cheese With The Shit On Your Feet.

Desperate for content, I’ll gladly put up a post about NOT reading an article on how to make cheese out of the microbes on our feet.

Get To Know Amazon Amanda And Meet Her Little Friend Sergio. [Video]

6′ 3″ Amazon Amanda has a good thing going and she can thank the eccentric little men in her life for her success.