Archives for August 2014

Laird Hamilton Shoots Malibu Pier – Camerman Shoots Hot Chick’s Butt. [Video]

Somebody used their zoom lens to capture an epic video of an amazing event. Once you get through all the surfing blah blah – check out the chick’s butt.

Football Fans Will Snicker At Snickers Commercial With Johnny Manziel. [Video]

Scoring a Snickers commercial is not too shabby for a backup quarterback. We have an alternative ending that might’ve been more entertaining.

Concentration Camp Pajama Top Pulled Because It Should Be.

The folks at Zara had a grand idea – dress your toddlers ‘Old Western’ style by putting them in a l’il concentration camp uniform.

Little Boy Cracks Up Watching An Ostrich Eat. [Video]

Ostrich – an animal with little or no sense of humor. An ostrich eating out of a cup is a whole different story.

The Always Sunny Goddamn Its Supercut Video. [Video]

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my go-to show on Netflix. Not because of the ‘Goddamn Its’ but the ‘goddamn its’ don’t hurt.

Kid Wearing Popcorn Bucket Gets Hit With Foul Ball. I See A Playdate Op With Two-Bucket Head. [Video]

Popcorn bucket on head – CHECK! Bryce Harper foul ball coming your way – CHECK! Getting hit in the popcorn bucket by Bryce Harper’s foul ball – CHECK!

Man Wears Mugshot T-Shirt For Mugshot Photo Has Awesome Facebook Post When He Gets Out.

I am going to borrow this from a friend but ‘SWEET JESUS!’ Booking t-shirt guy might be my motivation to join an ‘End of the World’ cult. No hope.

The Dumbass Edition Of The Ice Bucket Challenge. [Compilation Video]

Dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and knowing about the cause your doing it for are two different things. Need proof? Watch this compilation vid.