Archives for August 2014

David Letterman And Robin Williams – Dave On Their 38 Year Friendship. [Video]

David Letterman pays tribute to his good friend Robin Williams and nobody can do it better.

Oh, Having Sex With Dogs Is Wrong… Ok. Who Wants Dinner? [Video]

How do you make sure you dog sex story goes mainstream? You attempt to poison the people that caught you having sex with the dogs.

Three Penguin Slap Fight Doesn’t End With A Flourish. [Video]

Watching a three penguin slap fight is right up there with watching grass grow, paint dry and curling.

Passed Out Kid At Michigan Rave Was Just Ratchet The Rapper. [Video]

The passed out poster child for the 2000 person Michigan rave gets interviewed and it doesn’t give me hope for the future. It’s time to dig the moat.

Drunk Fishing Contest Found Its Winner. [Video]

There is a fishing wasted competition in Belgium and the winner gets a BOOZ trophy. I wonder how it’ll look on this drunk fisherman’s mantle…

Alabama Fan’s ‘I Would Like To Solve The Puzzle’ Shirt Is Just DUMBAS_

An Alabama football fan was so close to creating a masterpiece of a Wheel of Fortune inspired ‘burn’ shirt about Auburn. Unfortunately, he failed.

Lighting A Firecracker In A Pan, In An Apartment, Has Bad Results. [Video]

Had I been there, I could’ve (but wouldn’t have) warned these geniuses in Germany that lighting a firecracker in a pan would not end well.

Little Girl Gets The Foul Ball At Brewers Game – Is Awesome. [Video]

Watch this little girl play it cool, avoid the scrum, and get the foul ball at a Brewers-Giants game. Her friend celebrating next her is just the best.