Archives for August 2014

Angry Old Russian To iPhone And iPad – I MUST BREAK YOU. [Video]

Putin says jump, Russians say ‘how high?’ Putin bans products from US and EU, Russians break iPhones and pour out their cokes. (Putin owns hammer company)

Teacher Shows Up Drunk, Without Pants, On First Day Of School. [Video]

Teachers: showing up on your first day of school drunk and without pants is not ok. One or the other and your in the clear.

Aussie Gets Stung By Bullet Ants And Can Not Dance Off The Pain. [Video]

I learned two things watching an Australian radio show host put on bullet ant gloves: don’t put on bullet ant gloves and the Amazon tribes’ word for pussy.

Aftermath Of A Massive 2000 Guest Rave In Western Michigan. [Video]

For parents with small children – watch this video, kiss your kids and never

Nunchuck Fail – Nunchucking The Nunchucks For Grandma. [Video]

Nunchuck fail might be the best way to quickly describe all nunchuck videos.