Archives for September 2014

Video Of A Kid Fainting Three Times On The Slingshot Ride. [Video]

The slingshot ride brings out the narcolepsy in this kid. Scares him asleep.

Fox In ‘Night Out VS Morning After’ Pictures

Thank you imgur for pairing some beautiful nature with some horrible taxidermy.

It’s Better To Shit Your Pants Than To Die Of Constipation – Comment Wins.

Yes, I’m sure it’s better to shit your pants than to die of constipation but that quote is a little tired. What we need is a really good response to it…

How To Properly Deal With A Black Widow In Your Shoe.

You pick up your running shoe and you find a black widow with an egg sac – what should you do? Our free tip for dealing with a black widow in your shoe.

Real-Life Portal Gun Duel Is Amazingly Fun And Slightly Gory. [Video]

Man vs man Portal battle goes from a living room to a car and then to the moon.

Flutterbye Fairy Knockoff Is Supposed To Hover – Instead Flies Away. [Video]

Chinese knockoff of the Flutterbye Fairy toy skips the hover stage and goes right to ‘fly away’ mode.

Jeff Goldblum Should Be The Face Of LED Lighting. [Video]

Nobody can smartly dumb down technology like Jeff Goldblum. GE has a winner with their Terry Quattro character pitching LED lighting.

Chiefs Fan Heckles Pats Fan And Ends With USA USA Chant. [Video]

Welcome to the NFL experience.