Dog Fight Ends When Attacking Dog Gets A Finger Up The Ass. [Video]

This story has a dog attack, stitches, lost toes, some ass-play and a shake of crazy in it.

From Arbroath:

“A quick-thinking woman from Melbourne, Australia, has saved her dog from a vicious attack in a rather unconventional way. Ann Bendouli was walking her dog Lexie along Hampton Beach when a Staffordshire terrier ran up and attacked the one-year-old Jack Russell, latching onto her side and shaking her.

Woman ends dog fight by using finger up dogs ass.Ms Bendouli she had previously witnessed a fatal dog attack and had researched an intervention method should it ever happen again. “It said if you have a lighter, put it onto its bottom,” she said.

However, Ms Bendouli didn’t have a lighter so she did the first thing that came to mind, with the tools at hand, so to speak. “I pulled the tail up and stuck it right up to that knuckle,” she said. The staffy was apparently in so much shock by the manoeuvre that it immediately let the wounded Jack Russell go.”

I will always carry a lighter with me from now on. [A]

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