Flutterbye Fairy Knockoff Is Supposed To Hover – Instead Flies Away. [Video]

Have you ever heard of toys that remove themselves? Here’s a single-use knockoff toy from China that does just that.

From RN24:

“While in China, YouTuber Masayoshi Akao came across the cute figure with a propeller attached to its head, most likely an imitation of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy toys that have recently been very popular in the U.S. Purported to be able to “hover above the palm of your hand,” Akao decided to pick one up as a souvenir for his two little girls.

As his daughters’ doll departs for parts unknown, though, the shocked Akao can only chuckle and stammer, “It flew away…it flew away!” And while we definitely share his comedic take on the situation, it’s hard not to feel just a little sorry for the younger of the two girls, who at the 20-second mark asks, with a mixture of bewilderment and sadness, “Huh? Why did it go bye-bye?”

Awesome! What a is a great way to get rid of stuff. [RN24]

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