Zoo Mating Fail – After Four Years Of Trying, Japanese Zoo Discovers Their Hyenas Are Both Male.

Spotted hyenas Kamutori and Kami arrived at the Maruyama Zoo in 2008 and 2009 respectively. The mixed pair was a boon for the zoo and their hope was for future hyena babies.

From RN24:

“Upon arrival, Kamutori was labeled as a male and Kami a female, which held promises of baby hyenas on the way. In the ensuing years things looked promising, as the two young animals could be seen frolicking and cuddling together. It looked like a match made in heaven.

Then around the end of 2012 relations between Kamutori and Kami soured. The two began fighting each other and grew increasingly hostile. This behavior continued until recently when the fighting got so bad that the “couple” needed to be put in separate cages.

During an investigation, a gender test was conducted on the spotted hyenas in which it was discovered that both Kamutori and Kami were males. Did both Daejeon Zoo and Maruyama Zoo royally screw up by overlooking this seemingly obvious fact?”

You know there’s a hyena fertility specialist zookeeper at the Maruyama Zoo who is relieved to find out that both hyenas are male. The hyena fertility specialist may have to explain the ‘WTF’ of all the artificial insemination attempts but they are not total failures.

It turns out that it’s easy to confuse male and female hyenas for reasons I will not post on Crapasaurus. We don’t get clinical here. Read the full story on —> [RN24]

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