Edible Tempura Maple Leaves For Sale In Japan.

Tempura maple leaf

Learned something new today – that tempura maple leaves are an actual product… I think. From RN24:

“Some 1,300 years ago, one such pilgrim is said to have been so taken by the beauty of Minootaki’s maples that he decided to cook some of their leaves in rapeseed oil, sharing them with other travelers who passed by. This would actually make the leafy treats older than the other deep-fried foods ordinarily referred to as tempura, which were introduced to Japan by Portuguese visitors in the 16th century.

Tempura maple leaves from Japan

Tempura maple leaves didn’t get commercialized until the late 1800s, but by 1910, the opening of a train station and park near Minootaki brought an increased number of tourists, many of whom were hungry and/or looking for souvenirs. To accommodate them, shops along the trail that leads to the waterfall stocked themselves with bags of the deep-fried leaves, and they still sell them today.”

You can order tempura maple leaves online (Japanese site) and for more on tempura maple leaves, visit —> [RN24]

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