Skin Or Flay Me But Just Don’t Bury Me With My Tattoos.

Preserved tattoo in a jar.
DesignBoom: preserved stick-and-poke prison tattoos reveal secret criminal code

It looks like ‘before you bury me, please remove my tattoos’ is becoming a thing.

From ‘Extra-Permanent Ink: Preserving Your Tattoos After Death’:

“Luci Cook, 26, twists to look down over her left shoulder at the portrait of a young woman that covers the back of her calf. Dark hair and crows frame the eerie face of Chelsea Wolfe, Cook’s favorite musician. “I thought you’d want this one,” Cook says, glancing at her close friend and tattoo artist Sheena Coffee, 29.

Luci Cook doesn’t want her tattoos to die with her. She’s asking her friends and family which ones they’ want to receive in the event that she dies before them.

For those who see their tattoos as art and part of their personality, a new tradition is emerging: Tattoos are joining the tradition of wisps of hair in a locket and urns full of ashes on the mantle.”

Read more about tattoo preservation on —-> [NPR via TWBE]

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