French Soccer Player Trolls Swedes. Sweden Scores, Trolls Right Back. [Video]

The sequence of events here are beautiful – could be a good lesson for the kids too. Here’s the backstory from Screamer/Deadspin: French soccer player Kurzawa scores and trolls Swedish team.  Swedish teams scores and trolls right back.

“It was France vs. Sweden yesterday in the second leg of Euro 2015 U21 qualifiers. Sweden appeared set to go through, until French defender Layvin Kurzawa scored in the 87th minute.

Kurzawa celebrated by putting his hand to his head [gif above], either in an “I can’t see you” sort of gesture, or as a salute to send the Swedes off. Kurzawa sold it hard, even getting in the face of Swedish forward John Guidetti.”

What happens next in the game is priceless:

YouTube: Kurzawa Cheering A Bit Too Early

And the celebration and Kurzawa salute continued to Twitter:

I think the Kurzawa salute is going to become a thing. Sweet! [S/D]

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