Crime Or YouTube Channel – Throwing Dildos At Teen Girls?

Man throws dildos at teen girls and gets arrested.The only way Konrad Peters might get off [no pun intended] for throwing dildos in the path of teenage girls is to claim it’s for a YouTube channel. Here’s what genius did:

“Police in West Allis, a city outside Milwaukee, opened a criminal investigation last month when two 14-year-old girls reported that a male driver left a ‘giant purple dildo’ in their path as they walked home one afternoon from a local park. The man was ‘just sitting there staring at them from his car with the driver’s side window rolled down,’ reported Detective Jessica Wink. On a second occasion in September, a male driver threw a dildo towards a 15-year-old girl who was walking home from a bus stop.”

Yes, he should’ve stayed away from the teens but I swear that what he’s doing, throwing dildos at strangers, is probably a YouTube channel. Right next to dildo bathroom prank and just below the clowns bashing heads prank. It’s crazy how questionable, and possibly criminal, acts drive our viral videos. [genius]

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