Sexy Chilis Cook Shares Tattoo With H.I. McDunnough, Warthog From Hell.

Chili's cook poses shirtless

So the Chili’s cook in the picture above got shit-canned for posing in the shirtless photo above. It was part of Justin Speekz’s big idea to start a ‘Sexy Cooks of Chilis’ Facebook page. FAIL.

But all is not lost because it looks like newly unemployed Mr. Speekz shares a Thrush Muffler tattoo with a couple of characters from Raising Arizona:

Raising Arizona shared tattoo

Chilis cook shirtless with Thrush Woodpecker tattoo

For me, being a huge Raising Arizona fan, it’s simple: where do I buy 100 Sexy Men of Chilis’ calendars? [G]

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