The ‘Put On A Play With Your Dead Mice’ Commercial Is Dumb But… [Video]

If I were TOMCAT, I’d fire the ad agency that pitched this idea and shit-can the employee who ok’d it. Turning possibly poisoned dead mice into performers? That’s just 100% numb-nuts. Seriously, think about it, how many rodent trap companies would produce a dumbass commercial like this? Making a commercial about putting on a play with the dead mice you caught is just ludicrous.

Lets just go through the list of rodent trap manufacturers and determine which ones would go this marketing route…… wait a second, I can’t think of any. Holy shit, these dumbasses are geniuses! TOMCAT makes a series of dumb commercials and now, TOMCAT is the only brand of rat/rodent trap I recognize.

TOMCAT: you need to sign a long contract with the ad agency that created this campaign, drop the d-Con mention in the commercial, and give the wingnut in your marketing department, who ok’d this mess, a raise. [YouTube]

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