Archives for October 2014

Dog Opens Fridge And Retrieves Beer That’s Empty And Comes In A Koozie. [Video]

Watch an Australian cattle dog named Bandit grab its owner a beer with just a ‘I’m parched’ command.

International Ample Bosom Expert Position – Submit Resume [Repeat, Repeat….]

There are dream jobs and there are dream jobs you would work pro-bono. Ample Bosom Expert is probably on that list of jobs.

Browns WR Andrew Hawkins Kicks Out His 2-Year Old For Liking Bengals Receivers. [Instagram]

Little kids have to learn. Watch Andrew Hawkins teach his 2-year old a lesson for still rooting for his former teammates. Tough love!

‘Slutty’ Albright Owns ‘Hunky’ Conan On Twitter.

You’d think Conan O’Brien would out-funny a 77-year old on Twitter. Then he messed with Madeleine Albright – the new Secretary of Burn.

How Do The French Celebrate Halloween? [Video]

Let Rémi Gaillard explain how the French celebrate Halloween. First you get a Chucky mask, then a chainsaw and then another killer and you French it up!

Brad Pitt’s Most Uncomfortable Interview Ever And It’s Awesome. [Video]

This episode of Between Two Ferns covers Aniston, The Furry, living in Angelina’s shadow, dress up with Clooney and some gum spitting.

Bus Tour Guide In San Francisco Says Goodbye To Chinatown. [Video]

Watch a tour bus guide unload some hate on her last day of work in Chinatown. Holy crap!

Eagle Stole My Golf Ball! Eagle Flies Away With Golf Ball. [Video]

Instead of a golfer getting an ‘eagle’ – here is an example of an eagle getting a golfer’s ball. I sure hope his playing partners gave him an eagle.