Archives for October 2014

Sexy Chilis Cook Shares Tattoo With H.I. McDunnough, Warthog From Hell.

A cook at a Florida Chilis restaurant got fired for posing shirtless in a Chilis’ kitchen. Had he been shirted, we would’ve missed the Rasing AZ connection.

Dumbass Pygmy Goats Jumping Onto A Donkey. [Video]

Watching this video of pygmy goats jumping onto a donkey visually explains how patient donkeys are and what assholes pygmy goats are.

Twin Boys Dressed As Harry And Lloyd From Dumb And Dumber.

One day, these twins dressed as Harry and Lloyd will realize just how much their parents loved them… I mean, THE, movie Dumb and Dumber.

Who Is The Woman In The ‘All We Really Have To Do Is Beat Auburn’ ESPN Commercial? [Video]

Even LSU Tiger fan sites wanted to know who is woman in the ‘All We Really Have To Do Is Beat Auburn’ ESPN commercial. Her name is Madison…

Asian Brad Pitt Photo.

Brad Pitt’s doppelganger was discovered in of all places, Beijing China.

Cat Walks Backwards On Two Hind Legs. [Video]

Is the cat walking backward on two legs or is the video running in reverse of a cat walking forward on two legs? Either way, weird.

After A Week With A Stomach Virus….

Jeremy Clarkson ‘thumbs up’ approves this post on imgur.

Live Weather Broadcast NOs – Kids, Erections And Part Mastiff Puppies. [Video]

An Edmonton follows the weather man rules until he gets to number three – mastiff puppies are huge!