$70 Pro-Feminism T-Shirt Produced By Women Making Less Than $1/Hour.

This is what a feminist looks like - t-shirt factory

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Ok, maybe that proverb is a little extreme but it is a good reminder that every cause needs to be careful of how high they put themselves. In this case, it’s Fawcett Society.

From Gawker:

“In a new investigative report published at the Mail on Sunday, a reporter discovered that women in Mauritius who were hired to make shirts that read “This is what a feminist looks like” have been paid roughly a dollar an hour to do so and sleep in dormitories that house 16 women at a time.

Feminist t-shirt made in Mauritius sweatshop

The shirts, which are sold in conjunction with Fawcett Society (whose slogan is “Working for women’s rights since 1886″) and have been worn by everyone from Simon Pegg to Nick Clegg to British politician Harriet Harman, are made by migrant women who make a quarter of the average monthly salary in Mauritius.

During a factory tour, the Mail reporter learned that the factory can produce 300 of the feminist t-shirts for roughly $14 when the shirts themselves are sold in the UK for £45 or roughly $70 individually.”

And if you do get caught using a sweatshop to produce your pro-feminist t-shirt, don’t throw your ethical manufacturing contact under the bus.

You can read the full story on Mail Online. [G]

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