Pregnant Schoolgirl Mannequins In Venezuela.

Pregnant mannequins in Venezuela shop window.

There’s a good reason for the pregnant schoolgirl mannequins but some people in Caracas Venezuela still aren’t happy. From Arbroath:

“A display showing mannequins of pregnant schoolgirls at a Caracas mall is shocking shoppers and stirring debate over sex education in Venezuela. Two local charities [Fundana and Construyendo Futuros] have dressed up three mannequins behind a shop window as girls with bulging stomachs under the blue uniforms used by school children here until age 15. The idea is to draw attention to an adolescent pregnancy rate they say is one of the worst in South America with one girl under-18 becoming pregnant every three minutes and 23 percent of all births coming in that age category.”

Hopefully the shock of seeing the pregnant mannequins will help reverse the teen pregnancy trend in Venezuela. The first thing I thought of when I saw the pregnant schoolgirl mannequins: Tracy Morgan in the Hard Ball episode of 30 Rock. [Arbroath]

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