What A Dick Move – Saints Fan Grabs Football From Bengals Fan. [Vine]

Wow! Cincinnati Bengal TE Jermaine Gresham obviously threw the ball to the Cincinnati fan but nope; Saints fan pulled the ultimate dick move.

From ESPN:

“As the ball left Gresham’s hands, the Saints fan, identified by the Cincinnati Enquirer as a man named Tony Williams, leaped in front of the two women. As the one in the Green jersey — identified by the Enquirer as Barrett — caught the flip, Williams snatched the ball from her. In the same motion, he sat back down, putting the ball underneath his right arm. It stayed there the rest of the game.

“He should be ashamed of himself,” Gresham told a reporter from The Associated Press after the game. Other Bengals players told ESPN.com they were flabbergasted by the snatch. “That was dirty!” said offensive tackle Andre Smith, an inactive lineman who watched the incident from the sideline.

The woman in the orange shirt, Barrett’s friend, Cara Meadows, told the Enquirer how adamant Williams was about keeping the football. “He kept saying, ‘No, ma’am,’ ” Meadows said.”

Saints fan takes football from Bengals fan

The New Orleans Saints felt bad enough about their fan’s action that they gave Ms. Barrett a football after the game. And my guess is that the Bengals’ fan and her friend will end up with quite a bit of Bengals’ swag, plus the football, after this is all done. [E an BTS]

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