Seahawk Fan Gets Autographed Helmet – Video.

Seahawk Fan Gets Autographed Helmet Video

Seahawk fan Alex got an amazing gift from Seattle Seahawk player Robert Turbin and all he had to do is let somebody wear his coat for a picture. Here’s the story:

Alex the Seahawk fan is going to watch the Hawks play the Chiefs in Kansas City. He bumps into Robert Turbin’s girlfriend who asks if she can wear his coat for a pictures. He agrees and she offers to let him meet Robert T after the game. His phone dies during the game, he misses his chance to meet Robert Turbin but instead, he gets a signed helmet for his trouble.

Robert Turbin’s Girlfriend (Dev?): not only can you wear my coat but you can have it too.

Alex: you earned the helmet by how patiently you let your son open the box with those kid scissors. I would’ve elbowed him out of the way. [D]


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