Archives for December 2014

Reason #15,970 You Won’t Play In The NBA – Kemba Walker Crossover. [Video]

How do you defend against the Kemba Walker crossover? We have three options for you to choose from.

Larry David Sunburn Smiley Face Beach Towel – The Curb Collection.

Share your fun time at the beach with the Larry David ‘Forehead Smiley Face’ Beach Towel.

How To Make Action Comedy – Filmmaking Tips From Jackie Chan. [Video]

Jackie Chan’s career has spanned over 40 years. In this video, Jackie’s pre-Hollywood and Hollywood movies are compared.

Console TV Seinfeld Fish Tank.

What would George do? He’d dig that old console TV out of the trash and turn it into a fish tank.

Boeing Plane Built From Manilla Folders And Paper.

When you see the detail that went into Luca Iaconi-Stewart’s manilla folder and paper built Boeing 777, you’ll wonder what deal he made with aliens.

Self-Driving Cars Thwarted By Rain. [Video]

Never thought about weather being an issue. Plan B: Bigger drones that will transport us to work.

Dog And Horse Are Friends. [Video]

The dog and horse are best of friends and can do just about everything together – run, play, lick, etc. Just just can’t share a meal together.

Baby Don’t Like Beard – Beard Preserved In Lucite. [Video]

Meet new dad Luke, his scraggly beard and his daughter Willa. With some cosmetic changes, and some lucite, they can all live peacefully together.