Archives for December 2014

Attack On Titan Santa Or Attack On Target By Titan Santa?

It’s Christmas again and it’s time for the Titan Santas to peer over the walls at your local Target stores. Attack On Titan Santa Edition.

Live Baby Sharks Taken From Beached Dead Shark. [Video]

Pretty wild video of three baby sharks being cut from a dead female shark on a beach in South Africa.

ASUS Birds With Arms Commercial – Not That Weird. [Video]

The idea of birds going about their business with functioning arms seems very strange but seeing birds with functioning arms isn’t. I hope they get arms.

I Am Groot Dog Costume.

The chihuahua’s are protecting the galaxy – chihuahua Groot and chihuahua Rocket Raccoon.

Video Of Animals Interrupting Golf. [Video]

We turned their home into a golf course, they get to interrupt our golf tournament.

Holy Shitsville – They’re Putting Human Brain Cells In Mice.

Scientists are putting human brain cells in mice. It’s only a matter of time until Stuart Little is the norm.

Chandelier Video Remake For Fantasy Loser. [Video]

Some guy ‘supposedly’ lost in his fantasy football league and had to remake the Sia Chandelier video. I think this guy lost on purpose.

Fake Aoki Walks Around A Music Festival. [Video]

Watch a Steven Aoki impersonator get noticed as he wanders around a music festival – even during the real Steven Aoki’s performance.