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Jordan Schlansky Becomes A Real Biscotti Loving Cowboy. [Video]

Another Schlansky bit that goes Schlansky-well. Conan takes Jordan Schlansky from cappuccino and metro to cappuccino-metro-cowboy.

Conan Brings In A Hoarding Expert To Clean Jordan Schlansky’s Office. [Video]

Associate Producer Jordan Schlansky once again has to deal with Conan and this time it’s about his filthy office and restaurant supply business.

Conan Wants To Furlough Non-Essential Staff. Ok, Just Jordan Schlansky. [Video]

The fed can do it – why can’t Conan O’Brien? Conan asks members of his staff if they can name one non-essential staffer to furlough. They all name Mr. Schlansky.

Conan O’Brien Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming Into Work Late. [Video]

Hilarious video of Conan O’Brien ‘Conanly’ handling terminally Friday-late AP Jordan Schlansky.

Conan O’Brien Learns How To Audition For TV Commercials. [Video]

Watch Conan O’Brien at his best! Conan learning how to audition and then auditioning for commercial work is genius.