Mariner’s Fan Catches Foul Ball In Beer Cup. Avoids Party Foul And Drinks The Remaining Beer. [VIDEO]

Seattle Mariner’s fan catches Justin Smoak’s foul ball and pours the remaining beer down the front of his shirt/coat.

‘I’m Gonna Pop Some Ta…!CHOKE!’. CO Woman Assaults Boyfriend For Singing ‘Thrift Shop’ On Repeat.

Lesson: don’t mix Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” with alcohol.

Brother Crosses The Line And Pinches Younger Brother’s Nuts. Writes Apology Letter And Offers $1 As Restitution.

Older brother in Australia discovers the first unwritten rule of sibling fights and it only cost him $1 (AUS).

The Best Nut Shot Video Ever! ‘Drilling A Water Well Gone Wrong!’. [VIDEO]

If Moe, Larry and Curly were in the water well drilling business, it would look something like this.

Amazing Google Street View Hyperlapse Video Set To Appropriate Music. [VIDEO]

Find out how you can create your own hyperlapse video using existing Google data.

An International Guide To Drinking And Curing Hangovers.

This is a public service announcement:’s colorful and simple ‘Hangover cures and the calorific cost of booze’ infographic.

Cat Lover’s Corner: Kitten Sleeps On Its Head. [VIDEO]

Yes, we’re kowtowing to the cat lovers of the world with this one.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Ask Mobile Phone Recording Fans To ‘PUT THAT SHIT AWAY’

Yeah Yeah Yeahs thank you! Banning mobile phone cameras at concerts shouldn’t be a request of a band – it should be mandatory.