Birdbox Studio – Thank You For Making My Christmas Card Suck. [Video]

Birdbox Studio’s Christmas card is better than my Christmas.

What You’re Not Going To See On Workaholics Season 5. [NSFW]

Judging by the preview video for Workaholics Season 5, the show just burned through their budget. No budget Workaholics is probably better anyway.

Adults Will Be Psyched About CG Animated ‘The Little Prince’ [Video]

The Little Prince fans are not going to be leaving school to watch this CG animated film, they’re going to be skipping work, leaving kids with a sitter etc.

Koala Bear For Sale – Loves Vin Diesel Movies, Hates Asians.

Old 2009 Craigslist ad for GumNut the cat killing, one-dog liking, eucalyptus pounding, stinky koala bear. The humor is timeless!

ASUS Birds With Arms Commercial – Not That Weird. [Video]

The idea of birds going about their business with functioning arms seems very strange but seeing birds with functioning arms isn’t. I hope they get arms.

New Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson And Dave Franco Movie Looks Good. [Video]

The movie is called Unfinished Business and based on the trailer, it sets up nicely. Unfinished Business is due out on March 6, 2015.

Robot Polishes A Cactus While A Woman Works Out Commercial Is Uncomfortable Weird. [YouTube]

I’m going to help you out – this bizarre commercial for Wink is about home automation kits. If I didn’t tell you, you probably wouldn’t know.

Dadsong Commercial – Old Spice Wins Again With New Commercial. [Video]

Old Spice’s commercials where the moms begrudgingly lose their sons gets updated with dad’s perspective (and it’s the opposite of mom’s).