NFL Gets Jon Stewarted Again And It’s Spectacular. [Video]

Adrian Peterson, Sean Hannity, Michael Sam, Ice-T, Budweiser, Vikings, switches and blow a teammate day all make appearances in this epic Jon Stewart rant.

Almost Naked Dodgers Fan Is The Definition Of No Fucks Given.

Going shirtless at an LA Dodgers game would not be easy. Being a large man, four beers in, and pulling up your shorts to get extra sun is just gutsy. NFG

Man Wears Mugshot T-Shirt For Mugshot Photo Has Awesome Facebook Post When He Gets Out.

I am going to borrow this from a friend but ‘SWEET JESUS!’ Booking t-shirt guy might be my motivation to join an ‘End of the World’ cult. No hope.

Passed Out Kid At Michigan Rave Was Just Ratchet The Rapper. [Video]

The passed out poster child for the 2000 person Michigan rave gets interviewed and it doesn’t give me hope for the future. It’s time to dig the moat.

Drunk Fishing Contest Found Its Winner. [Video]

There is a fishing wasted competition in Belgium and the winner gets a BOOZ trophy. I wonder how it’ll look on this drunk fisherman’s mantle…

Teacher Shows Up Drunk, Without Pants, On First Day Of School. [Video]

Teachers: showing up on your first day of school drunk and without pants is not ok. One or the other and your in the clear.

Aftermath Of A Massive 2000 Guest Rave In Western Michigan. [Video]

For parents with small children – watch this video, kiss your kids and never

New Neighbor Sings Karaoke To Announce His Arrival. [Video]

If this becomes a ‘thing’ – this guy might spur others to sing their arrival in a new neighborhood. When it doesn’t….