Video Of Universal Studios Japan Attack On Titan Attraction.

For the Attack On Titanians, there’s an attraction at Universal Studios Japan now. Watching your fellow Titanians may be the primary attraction.

Girl Arm Wrestles Against Gaston At Disney World And….

Gaston has been busy taking on challenges from all comers. In this case, it’s an 11-year old girl and the challenge is arm wrestling.

World’s Tallest Roller Coaster In Orlando (2017) [Video]

Its called the Skyscraper and it’ll be 500 feet tall and opening in 2017.

Video Of A Kid Fainting Three Times On The Slingshot Ride. [Video]

The slingshot ride brings out the narcolepsy in this kid. Scares him asleep.

How Little People Feel About Living In The Kingdom Of Little People. [Video]

The Kingdom of Little People theme park featuring ‘little people’ seems exploitative to everyone except the little people working there.

First Roller Coaster Ride Is A Roller Coaster Ride. [Video]

A dad takes his daughter on her first roller coaster ride and she experiences a full range of emotions – tearful, joyful and then sad.

Gorilla Escape Practice Drill By Zookeepers At Japanese Zoo. [Video]

A zookeeper in a gorilla suit simulates what an escaped gorilla would do if it were cute and in a gorilla suit. The reality would be scarier and bloodier.

Universal Studios Used To Have A Make Your Own, DIY Star Trek Episode. [Video]

Watch the Malouff family act out a scene in Star Trek with the original crew members in DIY Star Trek episode from Universal Studios.