Tourist Are Paying To See Beast Jesus. [Video]

Cecilia Giménez was just trying to help when she created Beast Jesus. Now her restoration is bringing tourist to her town who are paying to see her work.

Birdbox Studio – Thank You For Making My Christmas Card Suck. [Video]

Birdbox Studio’s Christmas card is better than my Christmas.

Boeing Plane Built From Manilla Folders And Paper.

When you see the detail that went into Luca Iaconi-Stewart’s manilla folder and paper built Boeing 777, you’ll wonder what deal he made with aliens.

Cat On Skylight.

Check out this cat taking a snooze on a skylight. Cat on skylight reminds me of something…..

Boob Staring – Just Clinton Being Clinton. [Selfie]

The possible first ‘gentleman’ may be Bill Clinton and he hasn’t lost a step.

Dad Laughs At His Kids Painted Faces. [Video]

Watch these two little guys try to explain away their painted faces without words; just nods and head shakes. Awesome!

Nintendo Games And Characters Reimagined In Japanese Woodblock Art.

Traditional woodblock printing is what most people think of when the think of Japanese art. Now imagine Pokemon and Donkey Kong in woodblock form…

Kim Kanye North And A Guy Who Photoshopped Himself Into Their Pictures.

If you can’t be a Kardashian-West, you might as well Photoshop yourself into their world.