Boob Staring – Just Clinton Being Clinton. [Selfie]

The possible first ‘gentleman’ may be Bill Clinton and he hasn’t lost a step.

Sad Zoo Exhibits – Photos Of Animals In Their Unnatural Environments.

No amount of painted native environment is going to make these zoo exhibits any more livable. Sad animals peering out of their even sadder enclosures.

Video From That Drone That Didn’t Crash Into The Space Needle. [Video]

The Space Needle never looked better than in this drone captured video during a sunset in Seattle.

Failshopping – What’s Wrong With This Photo-Selfie Of Kim, Kanye And North?

The Kim Kanye Vogue controversy is old, unnecessary news. The crazy Photoshopping, however, should be an awesome ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ game.

Butt Crack The Gathering Or Magic The Butt Crack?

A redditor attends a Magic the Gathering event and takes pictures of people’s butt cracks. Acts like they’re the odd ones.

Kissing A Fake Girlfriend Selfie Guy’s Tips On Fake Girlfriend Selfie.

A Japanese man has perfected the fake girlfriend selfie and all he needed was camera, tripod, wig and still hand. Call it a DIY project for the lonely.

‘Can Someone Here Fix The Redeye In My Pic?’

Life Lesson: Never go on a bodybuilding forum and ask for help with Photoshop.

Kids Hanging Out Of Cars To Photograph Lions At Kruger National Park. [Video]

Kruger National Park is chock full of serious-ass wildlife that can kill you. Watch these dumbasses let their kids get selfie-close to that wildlife.