Russian Dolphin Music Video – [NSFW NSFEars NSFAnything]

It’s the Russian music video starter kit – two chicks, fake dolphin, green screen and a song you only want to hear once.

That Family That Makes Christmas Card Videos Made Another. [Video]

The Holderness Family’s Christmas card video was a huge hit last year so they decided to make another one.

Good Time To Introduce Your Kids To Mad Max. [Video]

Watching The Road Warrior with my son was a lot of me going ‘watch this’ and him going ‘please stop.’ I think Fury Road will reverse this pattern.

Koala Bear For Sale – Loves Vin Diesel Movies, Hates Asians.

Old 2009 Craigslist ad for GumNut the cat killing, one-dog liking, eucalyptus pounding, stinky koala bear. The humor is timeless!

Happy Baby Gets Eyebrows, Moustache, Soul Patch. [Video]

Dad adds some facial her to his baby’s face and they both have a good laugh about it.

WV Man Dances To Push-It And Owns The Dance Floor. [Video]

I think Salt-N-Pepa wrote this song for this man. Women beware: as this WV man dances to Push-It, there’s a chance you might get pregnant.

The Definition Of Dick Move – Fake Handshake And Score. [Video]

Portland and Portland State played basketball and one team won the game and the other team has a guy who got a steal and two points at the end of the game.

Reason #15,970 You Won’t Play In The NBA – Kemba Walker Crossover. [Video]

How do you defend against the Kemba Walker crossover? We have three options for you to choose from.