Promotion Via F-Bomb? AJ Clemente On Today Show, Meets Tom Brokaw And Next, Letterman. [Video]

We’re pulling for AJ Clemente the same way we pulled for his doppelganger Jon Favreau in the film ‘Swingers.’

Killer Whales Attack Pod Of Sperm Whales. [Video]

Bastards of the sea.

Joy: A Video Of A Duckling, A Hammerhead Pit Bull And A Shark-Costumed Cat Riding A Roomba. [Video]

Starring Max-Arthur the cat, Sharky the pit bull and a duck.

Miami Heat’s Shane Battier Receives 1100 Free Cases Of Bud Light And Now, My Life Sucks More. [Video]

Pro athletes getting free beer is more painful than knowing how much money they make… just sayin.

Awesome: Scott Fujita Retires As A New Orleans Saints From Machu Picchu In The Andes Mountains. [Video]

It’s hard to NOT be a New Orleans Saints’ fan right now.