Is This Blonde Singaporean The Face Of Pepsi In Singapore?

Pepsi Singapore – please let this be real. If it isn’t, please make it happen.

International Ample Bosom Expert Position – Submit Resume [Repeat, Repeat….]

There are dream jobs and there are dream jobs you would work pro-bono. Ample Bosom Expert is probably on that list of jobs.

Renee Zellweger?

Hollywood is a tough business. Changing your appearance to make yourself unrecognizable doesn’t always happen but it did in Renee Zellweger’s case.

Sexy Chilis Cook Shares Tattoo With H.I. McDunnough, Warthog From Hell.

A cook at a Florida Chilis restaurant got fired for posing shirtless in a Chilis’ kitchen. Had he been shirted, we would’ve missed the Rasing AZ connection.

Angry Customer Experience Reenacted. [Video]

Funny reenactment of a YouTube video from an angry Bath and Body Works customer. It’s all about candles and not having candles you said you have.

Best Fark Headline Ever- California Bans Plastic Bags, Real Housewives…

Fark made the connection between the plastic bag ban in California and the future cancellation of the Real Housewives of Orange County and its awesome!

Animated Plastic Surgery Video Is Sickly Entertaining. [Video]

Frédéric Doazan’s ‘Supervenus’ animates the craziness that is plastic surgery. Think scalpel addiction and sprinkle in the limitations of the human body.

Mtv’s The Challenge Features Women Out-Dumbing Each Other. [Video]

If you ever wondered about how Mtv chooses people for their ‘reality’ shows – watch this clip and know that intelligence test are not part of the process.