Dog Can’t Read

The best stuff on imgur requires the least amount of thought. Dog Can’t Read is one of the best.

Prepare For Season 4 And Get Caught Up With Game Of Thrones In 9-Minutes. [Video]

The Fine Brothers want you to get caught up with what’s happened in the first three seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ with a 9-minutes recap.

Texting Shakespeare – Not Sending The PS3 I Ordered, I Text You Hamlet.

A man who paid and for and never received a pre-owned PS3 gets revenge on the fraudster via Shakespeare texts and more Shakespeare texts and more …

Peter Pan Asks Wendy To Marry Him On Stage After A Performance. [Video]

Judging by ‘Wendy’s’ reaction and being live on stage, this might be the most romantic marriage proposal in history. Peter Pan just crushes it!

QuickCrap: How Stephen King’s Wife Tabby Saved The Book ‘Carrie’.

‘Carrie’, the book that launched Stephen King’s writing career, started out as three crumpled pieces of paper in the garbage can.

Roundup: Crafting With Cat Hair, Bad Beanie Baby Investment And Pacemaker Hacker Dies.

A collection of interesting stories that should’ve been on Crapasaurus.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ Gets The ‘Thug Notes’ Treatment. [Video]

Thug Notes proves again that ‘Cliff Notes’ are for suckas. Just heard ‘Thug Notes – Pride & Prejudice’ and now I can skip the book, mini-series and movie.

‘Le Petit Prince’ : Photo Series About A Boy With Muscular Dystrophy Doing Everyday Activities.

Amazing photo series of a 12-year old boy with muscular dystrophy doing everyday activities.