Why I Love imgur – It’s The Comments.

The Story: ‘A good Samaritan rescued a dog from a lake’
The Comment: ‘AWESOME’

It’s Better To Shit Your Pants Than To Die Of Constipation – Comment Wins.

Yes, I’m sure it’s better to shit your pants than to die of constipation but that quote is a little tired. What we need is a really good response to it…

Reaction To Mattingly Questioning Puig ESPN Article Explained In The Comments.

Dodger manager Don Mattingly is an old school manager dealing with a talented ‘da hell with’ old school player Yasiel Puig. An ESPN commenter’s dream.

‘My Cat Cries At The Window When I Leave’

Another example of a comment rising above a caption on imgur. It’s also another example of a cat falling below dogs on imgur.

Teacher Gives A Lesson On Dangers Of The Internet. Internet Delivers.

5th grade teacher wants to show students the dangers of posting to the internet and is successful thanks to the most popular comment.

Caption / Comment: X-Ray Of A Double Toe.

Want to see what an x-ray of a split toe / double toe looks like? Want to read a funny comment about the split toe?

Caption / Comment: Fighting Cat’s Owner Makes Shirt So Kitty Will Stop Scratching Wound.

Once again on imgur, the comment wins over the caption.

Caption / Comment: Woman With A Massive Afro Gets The C/C Treatment.

Once again on imgur, the comment wins over the caption.