Third Interstellar Trailer Expands On Replacement Earth Story. [Video]

Interstellar is due out November 7th.

Comment on ‘Who’s Breathing The Worst Air In America’ Article Wins!

Just as you start searching for your city in the list of ‘Most Polluted Cities in America’ list, one commenter ends the debate with one sentence.

China Bombs Frozen Yellow River To Break Up Ice. [Video]

Dropping bombs to break up the Yellow River ice is right up there with good ideas like dumping dead pigs in the river and Beijing coal fired power plants.

Sick Sea Stars Are Having Their Arms Twist Off and Walk Away. [Video]

The symptoms of sea star wasting syndrome are from a horror movie. Starts as a lesion, then comes the twisting and next, your detached arm is walking away.

Firefighters Battle To Remove Asian Giant Hornets In China. [Video]

The Asian giant hornet has been in the news lately for stinging the shit out of people in China. Watch firefighters put a dent in their population.

Not All Extinctions Due To Climate Change – Dildo Extinction Manmade

Climate change is leading to the extinction of many species. Man can take credit, though, for the extinction of the dildo.