Crazy Search Terms Used To Find Crapasaurus Website.

Judging by the search terms used to find Crapasaurus, we figured out that our audience is diaper-wearing illiterates who are poop-sex obsessed. Hooray!

North Korea Switched To Mac OS… Sort Of.

Kim Jong-un making the switch to Mac OS looking interfaces isn’t one of those ‘feather in the cap’ moments for Apple Computer.

Microsoft’s Scroogled Ad Goes After Chromebook With Cast Of Pawn Stars. [Video]

The geniuses behind Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign wants the Pawn Stars to talk people, who never watch the show, out of buying a Chromebook. Nice work!

Entertaining Space Drama ‘Azarkant’ Is Like Futuristic Bruce Lee Movie. [Video]

‘Azarkant’ is a short film set in space but has that kung fu appeal. Best 8 1/2 minutes you’ll spend on the internet today!

Gander Mountain’s Rain Poncho: One-Size Fits All…Unless They’re Fat.

Somewhere near Gander Mountain, a former employee with an insult comic’s wit is busy looking for a new job.

Left Brain and Right Brain Battle It Out In ‘Brain Divided’ [Video]

The short film ‘Brain Divided’ proves once again that it’s the story, stupid, and not the CGI, that makes a short animated film fun to watch.

‘Her’ By Spike Jonez – A Film About A Guy Falling In Love With An OS. [Video]

Watching the trailer for ‘Her’ makes falling in love with your operating system seem ok. Having Scarlett Johansson be the voice makes it mandatory.

What’s Really Inside MicroSD USB Stick Drive.

What’s really inside a microSD card? Commenter on delves deeper.