Holy Shitsville – They’re Putting Human Brain Cells In Mice.

Scientists are putting human brain cells in mice. It’s only a matter of time until Stuart Little is the norm.

World’s Greatest Boxer Is Mickey Rourke. [Video]

Mickey Rourke is such an amazing boxer that his opponents fall down and get counted out at just the thought of being hit by Mickey Rourke.

US Black Friday Crazy Exported To Ireland. [Video]

Black Friday sales in Europe? Yes and Eur-welcome.

Talking To Border Guards On Helium. [Video]

There’s a fine line between defending the US Constitution and being a dickhead. Watch this border crossing video and decide what Robert Trudell is.

Black Friday Over 30 Years. [Video]

A video made about the de-evolution of Black Friday over 30 years gets a little heavy handed but the message is accurate: we’re very sad consumers.

CNN Anchor Gives Cosby Rape Victim Rape Avoidance Tip. [Video]

Don Lemon – WTF? Asking a rape victim why she didn’t use her teeth to avoid rape puts you in a dumbass class that is all your own. We call it Lemon Level

Fake Drunk Girl Apology- She Was Tricked Into Being In Drunk Girl Video

Thank goodness we never posted the original, and now removed, drunk girl in public video. A perfect example of the prank being on the viewer.

Congrats New England Patriots On One Million Twitter Followers.

The New England Patriots just proved that you can have a million followers on Twitter without ever knowing how the Twitter works.