Sad Zoo Exhibits – Photos Of Animals In Their Unnatural Environments.

No amount of painted native environment is going to make these zoo exhibits any more livable. Sad animals peering out of their even sadder enclosures.

$70 Pro-Feminism T-Shirt Produced By Women Making Less Than $1/Hour.

No better way to promote feminism than by having women produce a t-shirt with a pro-feminist message. Nothing says capitalism than by paying them $1/hour.

Baby Farts In A Commercial About Baptisms Because Farts And Baptisms. [Video]

Norwegians are often described as quiet and reserved. Their pre-Baptized babies are another story – deep voiced, buck toothed and farty.

God Bless You Mami – A Woman Getting Hit On And Harassed In New York. [Video]

Guess how many times this woman gets hit on while walking down the streets of NY? You’re wrong – she gets hit on one billion times!

Bus Tour Guide In San Francisco Says Goodbye To Chinatown. [Video]

Watch a tour bus guide unload some hate on her last day of work in Chinatown. Holy crap!

Rubenstein: ‘Hung Like A Cashew’

Stanford Rubenstein has been accused of rape. In the meantime, his junk is already on trial in the ‘hung like a cashew’ court of public opinion.

Watch Scientology Execs Bully A Former Scientology Exec. [Video]

So this is how Scientology bizarro recruits. A former Scientology executive walks through the LA airport and gets the love former Scientologists get.

We Have A Date For The Guy Whose iPhone 6 Bent And Caught Fire.

The iPhone 6 that caught fire in an Arizona man’s pants involved a rickshaw and onlookers. Solution: avoid rickshaws until Apple gives them the all clear.