Plumbing Truck From Texas Used By Extremist In Syria.

A plumbing company in Texas City finds out one of their old work trucks ended up in Syria. How? Because people are stupid and called and threatened them.

How Did I Miss The Eric Andre Show? [NSFW]

I know why: the kids. Watch Eric Andre interview Wiz Khalifa and all hell break loose.

Relax, It’s Just Monday!

The last full week before Christmas and all through the house….

Hooray For Animal Abuse – Dog In Dress Walking On Hind Legs Video.

What the hell is wrong with people? Training a dog to wear a dress, sunglasses and walk on their hind legs is not cute – it’s just cruel.

What You’re Not Going To See On Workaholics Season 5. [NSFW]

Judging by the preview video for Workaholics Season 5, the show just burned through their budget. No budget Workaholics is probably better anyway.

Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out. [Video]

Weird or Not Weird – A woman went on the Steve Harvey Show and explained how she signs and photographs her boyfriend’s penis before he goes out.

Russian Dolphin Music Video – [NSFW NSFEars NSFAnything]

It’s the Russian music video starter kit – two chicks, fake dolphin, green screen and a song you only want to hear once.

Now You Can Literally Give A Flying Fuck Remote Control Helicopter.

Giving a flying fuck has a price tag now – it’s $34.99 (plus s&h).