It’s Yours Now: iPhone Thief ID’d When His Butt Starts Ringing.

This one is way deeper than a butt dial story.

Miami Heat’s Shane Battier Receives 1100 Free Cases Of Bud Light And Now, My Life Sucks More. [Video]

Pro athletes getting free beer is more painful than knowing how much money they make… just sayin.

Liverpool’s Luis Suárez Bites Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanović. Now Followed By Mike Tyson On Twitter. [Video]

Never let Luis Suárez play soccer on an empty stomach.

Life Lesson: Don’t Buy Chocolate-Dipped ‘Portobello’ Mushrooms From Strangers.

“Giraffes are chasing me down the hill.”

Chinese Woman Kills A Man By Squeezing His Nuts.

The worst pain there is.