Crane Demolition – Russian Edition [Video]

In the US, a crane demolition involves approvals, safety regulations, permits and a team of 25 people. In Russia: sober’ist guy who can use a blow torch.

Console TV Seinfeld Fish Tank.

What would George do? He’d dig that old console TV out of the trash and turn it into a fish tank.

Exorcism AT Starbucks And Not An Exorcism FROM Starbucks. [Video]

Somebody filmed an ACTUAL exorcism at a Starbucks in Austin TX because the devil loves marginal coffee.

Chinese Man Pushing Snakes Through His Nose And Out His Mouth. [Video]

And they call this guy a snake charmer. Sorry but shoving snakes into your nose and out of your mouth is not charming.

ClickBait Today – Making Cheese With The Shit On Your Feet.

Desperate for content, I’ll gladly put up a post about NOT reading an article on how to make cheese out of the microbes on our feet.

Bailey The Screaming Deaf Dog Meet Laughing Garbage Can Parrots. [Video]

Mix videos of a screaming deaf dog and some garbage can climbing, laughing parrots together and you’ve got YouTube perfection.

Comic Strip On Single Strand Of Hair. [Video]

Smart people just etched the world’s smallest comic strip on a single strand of human hair. Watch the video.

Insurance Scam Fail – Insurance Scammer Cuts His Off Own Two Fingers Gets Arrested.

‘Don’t leave your severed fingers at the kid’s play area’ is probably the only lesson this insurance fraudster learned. Two down, eight more to cut.