Cosby Is Just Rape-Joke Killing It In Canada

Cosby to heckler: ‘You Gotta Be Careful Drinking Around Me’

My Unbucket List Includes Venice Beach

Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew to Venice Beach to ask some questions. You can pre-guess how it turned out.

Getting Arrested Wearing Your Best ‘Who Needs Drugs’ T-Shirt.

The ‘No, Seriously, I Have Drugs’ message on the t-shirt was just kicking the probably cause door in.

What Has Macaulay Culkin Been Up To?

Hopefully one day, Macaulay Culkin will make a Robert Downey Jr. kind of turnaround with his life. For now, it looks like it’s still in turmoil.

Giggling Grandmas Smoke Pot And Vape For The First Time. [Video]

Watch grandmothers Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre smoke pot for the first time. Need to have a web series with Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre ? Absolutely.

Great Grandmother Smoking Pot With Her Son Is Kind Of Weird. [Video]

This video from 2013 features 93-year old Silver Princess and her son Open Sky smoking a joint together. Why? Because they legally can.

Woman Wears ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ T-shirt In Booking Photo.

A Kentucky woman was arrested wearing a ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ t-shirt. What do you think she was arrested for?

The Only Thing He Had On Was ‘A Large Metal Ring Around His Testicles’

Who hasn’t done this before? We all think we’re better than Keith ‘put a large metal ring around his testicles’ Berfield but we’re all one bad trip away.