Joran Van Der Sloot Probably Got Shanked, Is Anemic And Has Diarrhea In Peruvian Prison.

Peru has had enough of Joran van der Sloot’s bullshit and upgraded his prison accommodations by throwing in shanking, freezing temps and bad food.

Aussie Surfing On A Whale Carcass Surrounded By Sharks. [Video]

A whale carcass, being munched on by two tiger sharks and a 15′ great white, got a nice fresh visitor that would’ve made a tasty dessert.

Fan Reaction Video – Redskins Beat Cowboys And A House Is Destroyed – NSFW. [Video]

One Cowboy fan took revenge on his house when the Cowboys lost to the Redskins in overtime. Redskins 1, Cowboys and Cowboys’ fan’s house 0.

Bus Tour Guide In San Francisco Says Goodbye To Chinatown. [Video]

Watch a tour bus guide unload some hate on her last day of work in Chinatown. Holy crap!

Found Out Why Prius Drivers In Texas Express Self-Hate.

‘Cool Prius – Nobody’ bumper sticker on a Texas Prius now makes sense to me. The self-loathing is spurred by hate driving around them.

Crime Or YouTube Channel – Throwing Dildos At Teen Girls?

There is a fine line between crime and YouTube channel and this dumbass in Wisconsin just crossed it.

French Soccer Player Trolls Swedes. Sweden Scores, Trolls Right Back. [Video]

It’s best to wait until the match/game is over before you celebrate in your opponents face. Layvin Kurzawa found out and has a salute named after him.

Over-Loaded Truck Driver Is Half Fred G. Sanford And Half Jerky Boy. [Video]

The Fourth Amendment prevents unlawful search and seizure but the guy in this video shows why it needs to be amended again. Add the dumbass exception.