Cristiano Ronaldo Disguises Himself As A Street Performer. Kicks Soccer Ball With Kid. [Video]

Ronaldo disguising himself as a street performer to see how people would react is part prank and part PSA.

The Laying Down And Farting Horse Video Was Today’s Highlight From 2012.

The laying down and farting horse video has two parts: part one has a horse laying down and farting. Part two has a horse laying down and farting less.

Tortoise Flips His Tortoise Friend Over. [Video]

It turns out that reptiles do give a shit. Watch a tortoise help his buddy out by flipping back on his feet.

The Don’t Jerk And Drive Campaign Is Real. [Video]

The South Dakota Highway Safety Dept. has put together a nice campaign encouraging drivers NOT to Jerk And Drive. Jerk and Drive – really?

Pregnant Schoolgirl Mannequins In Venezuela.

Venezuela’s teen pregnancy rate is the highest in South America. One store is using its window display to shock people into action.

Edible Tempura Maple Leaves For Sale In Japan.

You never know but the tempura maple leaves snack treat seems like a real product. Sounds good too.

Germany vs China – Why The ‘But This One’s Cheaper’ Argument Doesn’t Work. [Video]

Buying products based on price? Here’s a video comparing Chinese made vs German made ball bearings. As a VW owner, I’m baffled by the results.

Dog Fight Ends When Attacking Dog Gets A Finger Up The Ass. [Video]

This story runs the gamut – there’s a dog fight, missing toes, stitches, ass-play and a sprinkling of nuttiness.