Schleprock’s New Year – The First Fail Of 2015

Happy Fail Year!

Breaking News: Kid’s SantaCam Catches Santa In The Act – Video

A 7-year old boy sets up a camera to catch Santa Claus in the act of delivering presents. The kid is psyched and his parents are awesome.

Boxing Up JULES The AI Robot. [Video]

In this video from 2006, everyone gets to say goodbye to JULES the robot before he is sent back to England. Shutting him down looked like a death scene.

The Worst Video Game Ever.

Interactive, hands on… worst video game ever.

ASUS Birds With Arms Commercial – Not That Weird. [Video]

The idea of birds going about their business with functioning arms seems very strange but seeing birds with functioning arms isn’t. I hope they get arms.

BungleBots – Crappy Robots Battle It Out. [Video]

See the silly side of high technology in Japan as the least technical robot designers battle each other with their barely functioning robots.

Robot Polishes A Cactus While A Woman Works Out Commercial Is Uncomfortable Weird. [YouTube]

I’m going to help you out – this bizarre commercial for Wink is about home automation kits. If I didn’t tell you, you probably wouldn’t know.

Grandpa Proof Remote.

A little painters tape and grandpa will be changing channels (and nothing else) like a pro.