Breaking News: Kid’s SantaCam Catches Santa In The Act – Video

A 7-year old boy sets up a camera to catch Santa Claus in the act of delivering presents. The kid is psyched and his parents are awesome.

GoPro Idealized vs GoPro Reality. [Video]

We can’t all be extreme with our GoPro cameras.

Laird Hamilton Shoots Malibu Pier – Camerman Shoots Hot Chick’s Butt. [Video]

Somebody used their zoom lens to capture an epic video of an amazing event. Once you get through all the surfing blah blah – check out the chick’s butt.

NOW Cross-Eyed Pelican Flying Around Africa With GoPro Camera On Beak. [Video]

Another great GoPro camera ad that this time, features a pelican rescued from a lake in Tanzania and rehabbed to fly again…. in circles.

Attacked For Wearing Google Glass. [Video]

Google Glass wearer Sarah Slocum believes she was the victim of a hate crime by people who hate being filmed and hate having their privacy violated.

Missing Quadcopter Sign – Reward Offered.

Get used to seeing the missing Quadcopter signs mixed in with the missing pet signs. I just saw my first.

Captured On Dog-Cam Video: Norwegian Elkhound Attacked By A Wolf. [Video]

Crazy footage of a dog running through the woods and being hunted by a wolf.

Camera Stealing Sea Eagle. [Video]

Watching the video made by a camera stealing sea eagle is a reminder to always be wary of nature and that sea eagles are the dicks of the eagle family.