We Have A Date For The Guy Whose iPhone 6 Bent And Caught Fire.

The iPhone 6 that caught fire in an Arizona man’s pants involved a rickshaw and onlookers. Solution: avoid rickshaws until Apple gives them the all clear.

Video Of A Guy Bending An iPhone 6. [Video]

‘Video Of A Guy Bending An iPhone 6’ is not the first bending and breaking iPhone 6 video and it won’t be the last bending and breaking iPhone 6 video.

Exorcism 101 – Don’t Take That Cellphone Call. [Video]

Exorcism Fail.

Giant Isopod iPhone Case. [Video]

Why not tote around a giant isopod iPhone case? It conceals your iPhone, scares people and you can still take awkward selfies (awkwardly).

Will.i.am Untethered Smartwatch? According To TDD, Will.he.won’t.

Environmentalist and technologist will.i.am is coming out with a smartwatch that does everything and doesn’t need a tether. The Daily Dot calls bullshit.

Selfie Destruction – Student Taking Selfie Breaks Leg Off A Statue.

A student in Milan Italy climbed on the Drunken Satyr statue to take the perfect selfie. I sure hope they didn’t try to pass this dumb act off as art.

Insane Commercial Includes An Internet Baby Cutting Its Umbilical Cord. [Video]

Advertisers spend vast amounts of time creating ads that appeal to their audience. In India, umbilical cutting, selfie taking babies must be a thing.

Demo Video Of Apple’s CarPlay In A Volvo. [Video]

Losing your iPhone is going to suck a 1000 times more when you need it to drive home.