SenseCover – Answer Your iPhone With The Protective Case Closed. [Video]

SenseCover from Moshi is the first iPhone case you can keep closed when you answer your phone.

Just About Everything In 1991 Radio Shack Ad Replaced By Mobile Phone.

Just when you think about how much waste is involved in upgrading our mobile phones, you find out how many things our mobile phones have replaced.

Men Burn Their Crashed Car And Belongings To Stay Warm. Had Cellphones.

A couple of Canadians did the only thing they could do when confronted with cold weather and their car in a ditch – they lit it on fire.

Greg Benson Pranks People By Joining Their Cellphone Conversation [Video]

It’s called ‘Cell Phone Crashing’ and Greg Benson avoids an ass-kicking pulling this prank off. Picking the right dupe is definitely a skill.

Honda’s Smarphone Case With Airbag. [Video]

I love it when companies you think of one way, go the opposite direction. Honda’s smartphone case with airbag parody is genius.

Siri, Who’s The Voice Behind Siri ? [Video]

Jack Donaghy got the short-end of the stick being the voice of Meet the voice of Siri.

Mipwr Dynamo For iPhone : Squeeze Charger, Battery And Case. [Video]

The Mipwr Dynamo is a human-powered iPhone charger and battery in one case. No power? No problem with the Mipwr Dynamo which is now on Kickstarter.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome: ‘My Leg Is Vibrating Even Though I Don’t Have A Cellphone In My Pocket’ Is A Thing.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome is a thing and not just in our heads.